Sunday, June 08, 2008

Dad's funeral took place in Horsham St Faith's, Norfolk, on Friday 6th June. We drove down from Scotland on Thursday, and back again on Saturday.

On Thursday evening, SuperSpouse and I went to the funeral parlour to see Dad one last time. He looked peaceful - we were glad to have gone.

Everything went according to plan on Friday. The church was full - it was heartwarming to realise how many people had turned out to commemorate a long life, well-lived.

My uncle gave an affectionate eulogy; I read a psalm; and Cello-Kid played the cello very movingly. Super-Spouse played the organ. Everything had been chosen by Pa.

The family went out for a meal in the evening, which was a good end to the day, even though we didn't really have much of an appetite. It was certainly better than sitting around in the house.

We both played at church this morning, but were really too tired. By the end of the weekend, we're both literally just wrung out! I think we just need time to rest.