Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hang on, there! Is this July or April? Then WHY the April showers today? By the time I got to church today, my outfit reflected the weather changes:-

  • * Got up, looked out of the window, dressed and put on my flip-flops

  • * Downstairs, looked out of the door, and pulled on a lightweight anorak

  • * Drove through a cloudburst, pulled up at church and seized my umbrella ...!

SuperSpouse is bringing Cello Kid back from his music course in England today. Don't envy them the drive, especially if the weather down in England is like the weather up here in Scotland.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are exhausted. We had a Grand Clearout of the boys' bedroom yesterday afternoon and evening. Enticed by the thought of a healthy eBay profit, they parted with loads of disused toys. Meanwhile, I carved out space in the wardrobe, now divested of junk, for their school uniforms. (Including the mountain which we bought for Viola-Kid yesterday - new school, new uniform, and a whole load of nametag sewing for PseudoSupermum!)

Funny how Viola-Kid can spend the entire day and most of the night on computer or X-Box without adverse effect, but a few hours' heavy labour (tidying up) has left him totally shattered...

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Gina said...

That must be a universal problem for the younger generation. My ten year old gets so tired when asked to help out around the house - - - To answer your questions you left on my blog post, yes we can stay in the same school, church, etc. That will help with the move and settling in the new home with (hopefully) the least amount of change!