Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weight Watchers have a lot to answer for. Specifically, their ginger and coconut creme caramel - which I tried to cook last night. I needed preserved ginger. I ordered it in my online shopping, a couple of weeks ago. The first week, it came in sunflower oil, so last week I went to Asda and bought something more suitable ...

... or at least, it looked very suitable, until I tried to cook with it last night. At this stage I realised with horror that it wasn't in syrup. Making the caramel, I was deeply suspicious of the thin 'syrup' that I was measuring out of the jar - until I realised that it wasn't syrup at all. Can't make caramel out of vinegar. Hmmm....

Any minute now, SuperSpouse will come home from Gourock, our friend Ian will appear from Bishopton, and we'll have a nice Sunday lunch. With Apricot creme caramel to follow. Hope it tastes okay! Any suggestions what I am to do with two opened jars of ginger, one in sunflower oil and the other in vinegar? Use the COMMENTS box and let's get a debate going!
As to losing weight - well, what do you think? It goes on much easier than it falls off.

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