Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What can I say? It has been ages since I "checked in" at Pseudo Supermum.

Last week I joined Academic Ladder - it's an American online coaching seminar kind of thing, to encourage doctoral students to get their PhD thesis written. It's good.

Trouble is, logging in once or twice a day to update my progress is helpful, but now I can't be bothered to log into WeightWatchers to update my progress there. (This may be a good thing - my intentions are honourable but I have such a sweet tooth ...!)

Last weekend I went to a literary dinner organised by the Scottish Federation of University Women, Glasgow Branch. That was enjoyable, too. Which reminds me - I have a lunch date to arrange with one of the lady members!

So here I am, no further on with Chapter 2 of the thesis since last week, but I have written my presentation, Roving among the Hebrides, for SoundThought - a weekend of events at the end of November, organised to showcase the work of Glasgow Uni music postgrads. My presentation is on Friday 28th November, in the University Chapel, in the evening. Any of my friends in Glasgow care to come and see it? I can offer a very tasteful PowerPoint to illustrate Alexander Campbell's 1815 tour of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland in search of song. A clarsach player, a piper, and a pianist. And me, reading excerpts from Campbell's travel diary. It's going to be good.

Now I have to write a lecture for a couple of weeks hence, for the University - and get back to Chapter 2 - and decide whether to give a paper for the RMA Research Students' Conference in the New Year. (Only if I can derive the material from Chapter 2, or I'll get too distracted from my purpose.)

I have four weeks' sabbatical agreed, to help with my writing up! Isn't that great? A week at Christmas, and three at Easter. I'm very grateful. Must make the most of it!

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