Saturday, November 08, 2008


You wouldn't believe it!

I went to the lecture theatre that I'll be giving my lecture in on Monday, to make sure I could hook up my laptop to the data-projector and sound system. I did it!

I went to the Uni Library to 'self-return' a book. Helped another borrower 'self-issue' a book (because library staff don't start until 13.00 on a Saturday) - wasn't he lucky I'm a librarian at another college?!

And then I went to the supermarket where I couldn't buy a pineapple at the self-check-out. God doesn't barcode pineapples. A guy had to go and fetch me a barcode to scan.

Honestly! After all that clever technological stuff, to be pulled up short by a blooming FRUIT!!! and Morrisons supermarket websites duly acknowledged.

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