Sunday, November 02, 2008

Well, here I am at the end of the weekend. Half of the lecture is written - now I must apply myself for another hour and try to get a few more paragraphs done.

It's so HARD! The laundry keeps creeping up behind me, the boys need taxi-ing hither and yon, shopping has to be done, meals have to appear (I only cook at weekends, so I shouldn't grumble) - and extra little things like ordering books and music, or mending trousers ...

And here I am, feeling increasingly guilty because I really should be writing Chapter 2, but I can't until the lecture is out of the way! I suppose I should be quietly pleased that various software problems are sorted - I've upgraded Adobe Acrobat, which means Moodle works, so I was able to upload a short reading list and lecture introduction for the students. So in that sense at least, I'm ahead of the game. I suppose I'll need to create a PowerPoint as well, though, so I'm not there yet. Sigh! (Or do I mean, squeal ...!!)

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Felicity from Down Under said...

stick to sighing. It's more restful than squealing.