Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 rolls to an end!

Christmas Day, and everything was fine. Nice meal, everyone happy with gifts - I can now wear my lovely new pink fluffy dressing gown, so the VERY old green one went in the washing machine before heading for the charity shop.

  • Washing machine failure - disaster! It has only just had its first birthday.

I called the warranty people on Saturday morning. BAD NEWS! No Hoover engineers in Scotland, and the first free call-out is ... wait for it ... 15th January 2009!

Sunday - a friend round to dinner. Nice glass of red wine with the roast, and chocolates afterwards. I don't get migraines, I get headaches. Ended the day with a horrendous one.

Woke up today with the same headache. (NOT a migraine, I don't get migraines.) Took car for its MOT - which it may well fail - but good news with the warranty people. I may get the washing machine fixed by the end of the week. Does this mean things are looking up?

The Grand Plan for the next fortnight is to Get Chapter 3 drafted. Unfortunately, the thumping headache isn't conducive to intellectual composition. Think I'll catch up on reading - not much less challenging, but at least saves me having to be creative for a few hours!

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