Tuesday, December 23, 2008

At work this week, we had to empty our office, because we're being moved to another one (currently being created out of two small ones). So, by this afternoon, I was dispossessed, wandering around with my handbag and with nowhere to go!

Then my mobile rang. Each boy wanted to tell me what the others had said and done to him while their father was out delivering last-minute gifts and cards. I warned them to calm down and make friends before he got back through the door. No point in upsetting him by reenacting a condensed version of World War 2!

I've said it before - I live in Testosterone Manor. It's a strange, alien environment. Last night I was out buying my own Christmas present from SuperSpouse - a nice pink fluffy dressing-gown. "I never would have thought you'd want a pink one", said a mystified SuperSpouse, when I showed him it. In a sense, its pink fluffiness is an act of defiance. Just letting them know that I am NOT the fifth boy in the house!

All the gifts are bought, all the cards sent. I'm off work for two and a half weeks (the idea being that Chapter 3 starts being written on Saturday!). I just need to write my Christmas Dinner kitchen timetable, then do some gentle tidying up and sorting out.

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Betsy said...

Living in the House of Men, I've found a new appreciation for "pink". If I do not wish to lose my mind or possessions to Men, all acquired items must be Pink.

Pink repels teenager boys and most men. Camalbak water bottle? Pink. Mini Leatherman key chain multi-tool? Shiny pink. Performance outerwear? All pink.

Historically, I have had little use for pink, rose, etc. However, the more enticing the item may be to teenage boys, the more obnoxious the hue.

Perhaps I should have my little truck painted?