Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Domestic Goddess in G51

By 10.30 am yesterday morning, the Hogmanay fruit-cake for hubby's workmates was baking in the oven, the bread was in the bread-machine, and the soup just simmering nicely for the boys and their guest to enjoy at lunchtime. Tea-time saw home-made Cornish pasties on the table - ah, the joy of the festive season!

In between times, having attended to everyone's sustenance for the day, the ingredients for chapter 3 of my doctoral thesis still lie expectantly on the hard-drive. (Now for the serious cooking.)

Nigella, eat your heart out. You've got it so EASY!

The good news, the really good news, is that the washing machine engineer fixed our machine yesterday morning. So we're not only well-nourished - we can wear clean clothes, too!
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