Sunday, December 14, 2008

Friday - Dad's night out. Mum was on parental "taxi" duty.

Saturday - Dad worked a.m., slept p.m., rehearsed evening. Mum to Post Office; also washing, ironing, online supermarket order - and "taxi" again (twice). And 90 minutes' research at the end of it!

Sunday - Dad played at church; Mum slept. Then washing, cooking, "taxi", and more shopping.

Sunday evening - Mum taken for meal by work-related overseas visitors. "Who's making the boys' tea?", SuperSpouse enquired. Go figure!

Ah, Christmas! Working mums fit two lives into one lifetime every week of the year, then triple it during December. And that's the merriment everyone else calls Christmas.

Image from stillthedudeabides at, with thanks. (It's not me, but it could so easily be! I searched on Christmas exhaustion.)

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