Saturday, December 13, 2008

Greetings from Testosterone Manor! I'm surrounded by moody males, and it's enough to make me contemplate the alternatives.

Christmas is creeping up on me, and I am only a breath away from drowning in all I have to do. I shouldn't be updating this blog, for a start. I have three-quarters of a doctoral thesis to write, but more pressingly, a Christmas tree to set up. And the ironing. And odd bits of tidying up and shopping and, and, and ....

A friend was telling me about adolescents and their sleep patterns. Apparently puberty trips the "adult sleep time" switch, so they want to go to bed late. But their bodies are still developing and need sleep, therefore they either need to sleep on in the morning, or their families have to put up with the consequences of a sleep-deficited teenager. Great!

And is there also a key to Grumpy Old Men and how to keep them on side, too?!

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