Saturday, December 20, 2008

I was at the supermarket car-park when the policeman approached me and asked to breathalyse me. It was 6 am. "But I only had a half-glass of wine last night", I protested, before slumping over the wheel. (The bottom half of a small, handmade, Fair-Trade glass, to be absolutely accurate.)

He checked the machine - it was clear - before sighing, "Madam, can I suggest you get a bit more sleep?"

Then I woke up to the alarm-clock going off - it was 5.30 am and time to go to Asda! Could it possibly have been preying on my mind as I slept???

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Felicity from Down Under said...

Nah, that would be far too obvious! It's more likely to mean that Santa is going to bring you lots of lovely liqueur chocolates (so you can get healthy helpings of both essential food groups in one serve) and that you might THEN have to be careful about driving!