Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Culture Trip

Took the boys to Edinburgh by train yesterday - it was an "end of the Christmas holidays" treat. They hadn't visited Edinburgh before, apart from the two older boys going there for a concert once. So - we "did" Edinburgh, tourist-style.

* Robert Burns Exhibition at the National Library of Scotland - 2009 is the 250th anniversary of his birth, and Scotland's Year of Homecoming, so there's a special exhibition about his travels round Scotland. (Twice in 1787, to be accurate - in June 1787 to the Lowlands, and August 1787 to the Highlands.) (Picture is a book from

* Open-top bus tour round Edinburgh, with commentary. It was 0 degrees Celsius in Edinburgh yesterday, hitting a high of 1 degree Celsius during the day, so I can assure you it was bloody-freezing aboard that bus! But the views were fantastic. - happy to promote it!

* All-day breakfast and a tour of Edinburgh Castle. The clear, sunny weather meant the views of the surrounding city and countryside, Firth of Forth and Kingdom of Fife were unsurpassed. And we heard the One O'Clock Gun.

* Visited the science exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland. Even tired boys get fired up by hands-on, interactive stuff and robots.

* Walked back to Edinburgh Waverley and slumped on the train back to Glasgow. I have never felt so tired to the point of sick exhaustion, but it WAS a great day.

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