Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm a perfect angel. I must be! For heaven's sake, I've hoovered everywhere upstairs, brushed and hoovered the stairs, washed the lino, made soup and a sponge-cake, loaded the washing-machine three times - and played the organ at church this morning.

Any guys reading this - any young guys especially - here's a quick test for you, to see if you're ready to start a flat-share or even marriage. Read the following statement once only, then select your automatic response from the multiple choice below.

You open your bedroom door to see that someone is brushing and hoovering the stair-carpet. What do you say?

a) Is there anything I can do to help?
b) Sorry, I'm busy now, but leave something for me!
c) You should have said! I'll do it next time.
d) You're doing a great job!
e) How long are you going to be making that noise?

Ah, well! That was just a 15-year old boy's reaction. Mr SuperTact.

Meanwhile, SuperSpouse has spent a couple of hours waiting for the road rescue man to change his tyre, because people with arthritic knees can't tackle the job themselves.

Saxophone-Kid can't go to band practice, because there has to be an adult at home when Mr Tesco does his delivery.

I ought to be revising and editing my Chapter 3 draft, but I wanted to do something light-hearted first.

TA-DA! TA DA! TA-DA!!!! (That's a fanfare, by the way.) Apart from the conclusion, I've finished the first draft of Chapter 3 of my thesis. The total word-count of the whole thesis currently stands at 36,622. I've just had a week's study-leave for 'writing up', and I told my friends and colleagues at work that I wanted to get Chapter 3 DONE by the end of this week. Well, here we are - Sunday, and looking good. I haven't wasted my time. (I know I haven't - I've worked bloody hard!)

( sfllaw image from flickr under creative commons licence - here is the whole link, with thanks to sfllaw:


sfllaw said...

Hi! Do you mind linking people to the original photo or the Flickr page so that they can use the same picture too?


Pseudo-Supermum said...

I have posted the link that I used. If there's a different link you'd prefer, please let me know. Great photo, by the way.