Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Two steps forward, one step back. The throat is a bit better, but I had a headache all day. Can't win! Another day spent at the desk and the dining-room table, trying to write a literature review for Chapter 3. It isn't flowing smoothly. But I MUST, somehow, create a Chapter 3 by the end of this week. I mean, how can I show my face at work on Monday and not have a chapter to show for it?!


Problem is, I can't decide whether all the stuff I want to put in this chapter will actually gel together or whether I'm forcing it too hard. Hmmmm.....

Image from (nanasupergirl)

Mustn't stagnate during all this Writing Up activity, so I went to the Library first thing this morning - I had to return a short-loan item before I turned into a pumpkin. And I had a "healthy walk" this afternoon - going to the post office and then the chemist for headache tablets!

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