Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a weekend!

I took two boys to get haircuts. One went in grumpy and came out wreathed in smiles. (Viola-Kid. He got to keep his curls, and just had "the split ends cut off" - so there wasn't much difference, really.) The other went in happy and came out furious - he didn't like getting a nice tidy haircut, even though most of the length remained and it was basically just tidied up a good bit. He twirled around on the wheely-office chair. He grumped and moaned. And was mad at me for not reminding the hairdresser to give him a lolly afterwards.

"But you haven't been good ..."

Herrumph! Ah well, we had his friend across for the afternoon, so that made things better. Enter Viola-Kid and Cello-Kid. They wanted to go to the youth club, but didn't want to be in each other's company ...

Today, I played for a church service, then waited at Asda while Saxophone-Kid enjoyed a Sunday-School treat at the dry-ski slope, in the snow. (No Sunday-School picnics like they had in my day!) Took him home, wet, to get changed before dashing out to band practice. Came home, did ALL the ironing and prepared a dinner party.

Ate it, enjoyed good company, saw to the dishes. And I'm knackered. Research? Not sure I feel inclined to do any now! I'm too exhausted!

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