Sunday, February 01, 2009

Brassed off!

This weekend, I've washed and ironed, cleaned and cooked ... all caught up after my 60 hours away at the conference. But have I got Chapter 3 tied up?


I did get some reading and emailing done, that's true - but what with chasing boys to do music practice/ get supper/ get to bed, and now the blooming dishwasher, I have just about had enough.

There's a little flashing green light. Resetting it doesn't clear it. Waiting does nothing. So now, I am leaving the horrible machine alone for a full hour to see if it has an automatic reset over and above the manual one. Because I'm on jury service this week and I absolutely cannot wait in for an engineer. (Poor SuperSpouse loses income if he stays home waiting, and even that won't work if he is doing the school-run and misses the engineer.)

Aaargh! And there I was just glowing quietly with satisfaction at the kindness of fellow-researchers and musicologists, and thinking that actually, it hadn't been a bad weekend at all, notwithstanding a surfeit of domesticity. Who'd have thought a blooming machine could rattle me so much!

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