Sunday, February 08, 2009

RUNNING TOTAL - 42,618 words so far!

Chapter 3 has been split in two, and is looking all the better for it. Not sure about the beginning of the chapter now, because it still looks as though I'm promising to deliver on aspects of the topic which are now in Chapter 4. Heigh-ho!

Furthermore, I realised that I omitted Zuccalmaglio from what is now Chapter 4. No, he isn't Scottish. He's just an interesting parallel. But he can't be omitted.

We're expecting company for tea tonight, so I must sign off hastily before I'm caught blogging! Fingers crossed that all my volatile males behave themselves for the next couple of hours. Honestly, folks, I'm tempted to get a lady hamster just to give me some feminine company round here.

Teenage boys are exasperating. They make you late places (like taking a shower ten minutes before you're due to leave for church); they bicker incessantly; they shout at you and bully you at the supermarket self-checkout point.

Tell me something cheering ...!

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