Saturday, February 14, 2009

Drowning in domesticity (again)

Did you hear the sharp intake of breath, erfffffffffffffff!, as my washing-machine girded its loins for the weekend marathon? It never seems to stop.

Neither do I. This morning we went to buy new trainers for Saxophone-Kid, then got a replacement tyre put on my car (so, that's new tyres for Kid and Car, effectively) - bought a condolence card, and back home in time to make soup for lunch.

The next sharp intake of breath will be mine, as I tackle the ironing and sundry other housewifely duties. Don't you just love weekends?

Meanwhile, I ought to be catching up on reading. I want to make notes on Carolan: the life, times and music of an Irish harper, and then look at some other books I've had sitting awaiting my attention for too long. (This is just a pause for breath before I start Chapter 4, you see.)

I hear you protest that I'm studying Scottish song-collectors, so shouldn't be distracted by Irish harpers. Too true! But the Maclean-Clephane sisters were interested in both Scottish songs and Irish harp music, so if they're mentioned in a book about the latter, then I need to look at it. Even if I don't need to take more than half a page of notes.

Meanwhile, I have a purely professional interest in an old ship called the HMS Carrick, now a rusting ship at Irvine. It used to be used as premises for the RNVR Club (Scotland) - that's the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve - between 1948 and 1989 (I think), and a jazz combo played for social dances. My library has been given the personal music collection of the last surviving musician. And I want to know the name of the jazz group. Once a music researcher, always a music researcher.

And when I want to know, I generally do get to find out, so watch this space!

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