Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In days gone by, people ran away to the Foreign Legion.

But I'm a 50-year old mum, so that seems a little undignified. I hereby give everyone notice that I'm running away to the Forestry Commission instead. Just me in a green sweatshirt (okay, jeans and trainers too), and row upon row of trees. Glorious!

Not so long ago, I had a busy 9-5 job as a librarian, and then all the extra stuff like a husband, 3 boys (that's 4 boys total), and my part-time doctoral research.

This afternoon I came home sober in the calculation that I now have 1200 CDs and several hundred books to catalogue - over and above the normal routine stuff - by September. That's 10-11 CDs to index in detail, every single working day, and if I fall by the wayside, I've had it. But the rest of my job - the normal-sized, busy daily routine - has to continue unhindered.

You see why I'm yearning for neat rows of trees and no people?

This evening I took the boys to Bearsden for 15 minutes of community service with the Boys' Brigade. (11 miles drive for 15 minutes? Reasonable?) So as not to waste time, Saxophone-Kid and I went to the bottle-bank and smashed bottles and jam-jars for ten minutes.

After that, we all took Cello-Kid to his halls of residence. With a thud in my heart that you probably sensed half a world away, I took the other two home then had to return to the halls of residence with the music case Cello-Kid had left behind ....

The only flaw with the Forestry Commission is that I believe you're expected to be NICE to people when you meet them. I don't feel nicely disposed towards teenagers just now, though ...

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Mark Antony said...

Lovely images, nice blog, well done :)