Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hormone Displacement Therapy. HDT.

You think I've got it wrong, don't you? Well, I haven't. There are too many male hormones in my house, and I'm not menopausal. I don't need HRT, I need HDT.

I've just stumbled across a website claiming to Banish All Menopause Symptoms for a mere $24.95. But I couldn't find a website claiming to calm the volcanic erruptions in a houseful of men - one past his midlife crisis, two Hormonal Horrible Henrys and a dear little boy who hasn't hit the adolescent hormones yet.

So, we need HDT. Someone out there must have some solutions. Share it with me, and I'll give it a go. We could even market it at $23.95, a get-rich-quick scheme that simply cannot fail.

Huh, parenthood! It's not just Johnson's baby-powder and toddler tantrums in the supermarket.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Since I last posted here, Chapter 6 has been born, grown obese, and has been split, amoeba-style, into Chapters 6 and 7. That's thanks to Patrick Dunleavy's helpful Authoring a PhD. I discovered it was bad form to have 19000 words in a chapter. I have to say that there was a completely obvious place to make the split, and it works well. I'm very pleased with my two new chapters.

Today I wrote my conclusion for Chapter 7! Total wordcount now is 77328. I've also drawn up one of my Appendices, and this evening will be dedicated to starting another. This one is a bit tricky and might be regrettably long, but I won't know how bad it is until I compile it. Sigh!

The boys are obligingly keeping out of the way and honouring my study leave. I am officially 'here but not here', working far longer than office hours and ignoring Facebook into the bargain!