Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hormone Displacement Therapy. HDT.

You think I've got it wrong, don't you? Well, I haven't. There are too many male hormones in my house, and I'm not menopausal. I don't need HRT, I need HDT.

I've just stumbled across a website claiming to Banish All Menopause Symptoms for a mere $24.95. But I couldn't find a website claiming to calm the volcanic erruptions in a houseful of men - one past his midlife crisis, two Hormonal Horrible Henrys and a dear little boy who hasn't hit the adolescent hormones yet.

So, we need HDT. Someone out there must have some solutions. Share it with me, and I'll give it a go. We could even market it at $23.95, a get-rich-quick scheme that simply cannot fail.

Huh, parenthood! It's not just Johnson's baby-powder and toddler tantrums in the supermarket.

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