Saturday, June 06, 2009

Swine Flu Alert!

Viola-Kid has been excluded from school for a week because an S1 pupil that he doesn't even know, tested positive for swine-flu. So, ALL the first years get Tamiflu, and have to stay off school and away from other kids for a week.

I was at a parents' meeting this afternoon (yes, Saturday afternoon) for an official briefing and the Tamiflu. Viola-Kid was not allowed to attend, though there were plenty of little boys hanging around outside the building, eagerly boasting that they were "getting jags". They aren't. Just boring capsules to swallow, which is nothing much to boast about.

We had angry, shouting parents, and as I left, I noticed police on the doors. Saxophone-Kid (who I had to take with me and leave in the car, in the car-park) wondered if any press were there. I wouldn't be surprised. Sax-Kid also told me that one of the little boys was roaming around, trying car doors. I wonder if HE knew about the police presence ...

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