Friday, June 26, 2009

We have a document!

I'm now, officially, at an impasse, awaiting approval of a couple of little details, before I can print the whole thing out.

So, what does a Pseudo Supermum do now? The laundry washing is up-to-date, though the ironing basket is awaiting attention - and introduction to two new co-workers, who will from henceforth be doing their own.

I could cook. (The invalid has regained his appetite if not all of his mobility.) I could sort out books to return to the library. Or I could drink tea. Such an array of choices!

When I finally print out and submit my document, I have to do something spectacular to celebrate. This isn't celebrating the end of the project, just a crucial point prior to the viva.

I've been wanting to do another collage, and trying to decide what to depict. It had to be something Scottish, but not a cliche'd mishmash of typically Scottish images.

I've decided to interpret one of the plates from the book that SuperSpouse gave me for my Big Birthday last year - William Daniell's Scotland. I'm looking forward to visiting Mandors fabric store!


Louise Ann said...

Ooh, you're still posting? (: Good.
I found your blog when pressing a picture on 'Google images'. It took me to a page of entries you'd written in 2006. They were entertaining and I was worried you'd disappeared from the internet.
I'm very glad you haven't.

Rose Marie said...

This would be very interesting to see. Will you show us progress along the way?