Sunday, July 26, 2009

Any mum with three boys will understand my motivation in producing this A-Z of Bathroom Etiquette:-

  • Aerosol masks smells

  • Boys can do all the following stuff:-

  • Condensation causes mildew – open window!

  • Dad’s throne (a frame with handrails) stays put

  • Eco-warriors have quick, Economical showers

  • Flannels are there to be used!

  • Gratitude (what you get from Mum)

  • Hair does not get left in bath or basin

  • Independence is encouraged

  • Just do the same away from home!

  • Knock if door is shut!

  • Loo-brushes are for anyone to use

  • Mum appreciates your help

  • No-one likes to find a dirty loo

  • Open window after a shower or bath

  • Pee IN the loo not behind it!

  • Quick showers save water & electricity

  • Replace empty bottles, toothpaste, & loo rolls

  • Sponge shelf and Squeeze sponge after shower

  • Towels have homes; Tidemarks get cleaned

  • Underwear goes in dirty basket

  • Very bad smells need aerosol spray

  • Windows can be opened!

  • X (kisses for helpful boys)

  • You read it here – now do it!

  • Zebras don’t need to know any of this.

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