Monday, July 13, 2009

Disasters come in threes?

  1. There was the dishwasher catch. But the engineer's coming tomorrow.

  2. Cello-Kid was charged the adult rate for his child subway card. Sorted.

  3. Tesco's computer crashed, lost my order, no delivery today but I copied and pasted from the order confirmation into Express Shopper, so it'll come tomorrow.

  4. Hang on - disasters come in THREES, don't they? No-one will own up to dropping a yellow plastic clothes peg into the toaster sometime over the weekend. Now melted yellow plastic - not cheese! - though I've removed most of it, and the wire spring fell out by tipping the toaster upside down. I think it will live to toast another four slices simultaneously!

Who in their right mind drops a clothes peg into a toaster?????

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