Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh my, isn't TV a great way to waste time? Last night, I indulged myself by watching TWO programmes in a row. (Horror!)

First came Wife Swap - quite civilised this time, and you could see where each wife was coming from. Then a programme about lazy, idle spoiled teenagers, used to sponging off Mum, but forced to live in a house together and experience some 'real-life' challenges set by their parents.

Tonight, it was the Hotel Inspector. The annoying thing is the repetition at the start of each quarter of the programme after the commercial breaks. But it's quite interesting viewing, and tucks in some sensible observations about customer service alongside the comments about decor and good management.

Did this enable me to get a lot of reading done? What do you think?! (I still had to run Mum's Taxi Service and Mum's Laundry Service, after all!)

However, the good news is that a contact I made at the National Library of Scotland last Friday has informed me that someone at NLS has found something for me - hopefully the missing document! - and I am hoping that the promised copy will drop into my in-tray at work tomorrow morning. Please, St Anthony, please, please p-l-e-a-s-e!!! let it be a copy of the missing document, ie, the prodigal printed book proposal!

Image from Olathe Libraries, with thanks!

Crash, bang - there I was, about to close down the blog for the night, when there was a sound like dustbin lids being clattered outside. Correct. Next-door's cat has caught a field-mouse and was chasing it around our galvanised steel incinerator out on the patio. Hopefully he'll have taken it next-door as a trophy by the time we get up tomorrow morning!

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