Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sigh! I've been so busy doing laundry, ironing, cooking, online Tesco-ordering, not to mention a MEGA sorting and shredding and filing of old paperwork ... that I haven't done the reading I promised myself.

This morning, I was just emptying crockery from the dishwasher, when there was a little 'clunk' sound from somewhere. I hadn't yet got my hearing-aids in, and had no idea what had made the noise or where it came from.

But when I closed the dishwasher - it wouldn't close. Hmmmm. A bit of fiddling around revealed that the spring on the catch has gone, and it's possibly to return it to the closing position with a small, sharp knife. But that's not exactly ideal, and it's not a permanent fix. Guess who'll be phoning the warranty people in the morning?

Honestly, if it's not one thing, it's another. The ironing pile has been leering at me all week, which is why I dealt with half of it before lunch, and persuaded Cello-Kid that Working Men needed to get their laundry sorted out before their first Working Week began. (His holiday job starts tomorrow.) Clearly, the dishwasher was jealous that I had been preoccupied with ironing more than with dishwashing. Notice me, me, ME!!

We have, however, solved the mystery of the navy blue grit that has been appearing on our carpets recently. Saxophone-Kid's slippers are falling apart. Don't even ask why the inside of a slipper needs blue gritty stuff between the cosy fleecy layer inside and the rubbery sole outside!

Latest news on the viva is that it might be towards the end of August. Think I'd better write myself a new timetable.

Viva image from an Indian educational blog.

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