Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wicked, disloyal PseudoSupermum has to tell someone about last night. The boys had a friend over for a sleepover. He persuaded them to go to LIDL yesterday afternoon. In the evening, unknown to me, SmallFry (who gets hyper even on Coca Cola) had one can of high-energy caffeine drink, and Viola-Kid and Cello-Kid had THREE blooming cans, egged on by their mate.

I got back from work this afternoon to be told that Viola-Kid 'had a temperature' and was still in bed at 2.15 pm. Stuff and nonsense! The sun had been blazing into the room; the window was SHUT, and Viola-Kid admitted he had been unable to sleep after three energy drinks last night. They must have been positively fizzing with the stuff. He didn't have a temperature.

The Mate has been told that he's very welcome in our house, any time, but his energy drinks are not. And I'm afraid I told Mate's Mum what had happened. A bit draconian, but heck! I don't see why I should have tired, crabby offspring because someone else has effectively overdosed them on caffeine!

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