Monday, August 03, 2009

Gnashing of teeth, weeping and wailing

Super-Shrimp and I took Viola-Kid to Stirling for his music course this morning. ('Don't come in with me, Mum. I can DO IT MYSELF! Just leave me outside.' I did go in, though.)

Stirling Castle was next on the agenda. But I couldn't get back the way I'd come, because of a diversion, which took me on a big 4-mile circle back to the University. With the Irishman on the sat-nav screaming at me to 'Turn round, turn round' - fat lot of use considering there was no way I could go over a bridge that was only open in the opposite direction.

A passer-by told me I'd better get on the motorway and go back to Stirling that way, which I did. The castle car-park was full. A parking attendant handed me a futile, dark little leaflet telling me there was a park-and-ride ... but not telling me where it was!

So we had a Burger King at Stirling services, and went home. Super-Shrimp was very happy with his burger meal, Simpson's comic and chocolate bar. What a relief to have an accomodating, accepting 10-year old!

The Salvation Army had NOT collected the bags of charity stuff that they'd asked me to leave on the doorstep (this being Monday), so later on in the afternoon, I sallied forth to a different charity shop. By the time I got there, it was shut. As was the next one on the way home.

What a huge waste of a precious day's leave!!!

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