Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"The bells, the bells, they're driving me mad!"

Yesterday morning started inauspiciously. SuperSpouse was nursing his painful new knee in bed, having had a bad night. I should have been at work, but I wasn't. Went downstairs to sort breakfast and the boys' packed lunches, and turned to empty the washing machine. Everything was curiously wet. Not damp, dripping wet. Hmmmm....

No lights on the machine, nothing. Looked out the maintenance contract, phoned - but it was too early, and there was no-one there. You never get a same-day callout, but the closer to start-of-day, the better your chances of a next-day call. Then I thought. (Dangerous, this.)

No lights. No electricity, perhaps? Changed the washing machine fuse, and bingo! Seemingly back in business again.

But as the washing machine obligingly spun its load a second time, the ringing started. No wonder the Hunchback of Notre Dame cried. Only with me, it wasn't the washing machine, and it wasn't the bells driving me mad, it was my left hearing-aid. Ringgggggggggg! Wheeeeeeeee! Wail! Ouch. You don't have to be hard of hearing to understand this, but it helps.

I moved through to the dining room. It whistled. Somewhat later, I loaded the washing-machine again. As it filled up, the ringing started again. Moved my head - more ringing. Went upstairs - same. Back at the computer, I scrolled the mouse. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Need I go on? Today, I'm still at home. SuperSpouse is still in bed, perhaps a little less sore than yesterday. But I've been to the audiometry clinic and they replaced my left hearing-aid. Like a headache, you only know how much it hurt when it goes away. I can shake my head without the whistling in my ear. Thank God for that!

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