Sunday, October 04, 2009

Aaah, stuff it! I've tried to get a Twitter rss feed going to this blog, but all I get is "Net Temps" in the Blogger RSS feed layout box (eh?) and the same original tweet that I did last night. There will be no tweeting on this blog. Life is too short.

Ever felt you'd had a weekend with NOTHING to show for it?


Felicity from Down Under said...

Ever had a weekend like that? Most weekends, actually. So, please, don't feel specially singled out!

Rose Marie said...

When I casually mention to someone (younger person) that I have a blog ... they are so impressed (pretend perhaps)as they have no idea how to go about getting one set up. So, there, one for the older person! I'll just leave the Facebooks and Twitters to the younger generation to play with. Bravo to you for getting yours set up, you young person, you!