Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sometimes I get a lot done in a night. Once the co-codamol kicked in for the headache that had bugged me all day, I was up and raring to go.

  • Church choir music planned for Advent and Epiphany
  • Phoned home to speak to Mum
  • Trip to Banbury researched but not booked (British Rail ticket offices close at 10.30 pm for advance bookings, whilst I was trying to be clever and beat the postal strike at 10.55 pm ...
  • Gaelic homework done
  • And now a nice little glass of wine before bed. Yes, it's "after midnight".


I was very moved by a letter which arrived from Mum today, in which she sent a cheque to pay for my PhD hood. My father died 17 months ago, but Mum wrote that I was to regard the hood as a gift from her and Dad, because he'd have wanted to buy this for me. I nearly cried when I read it. She'd signed it, "From Mum (and Dad)." I never thought I'd see that again. Thanks, Mum - and thanks, Pa! You see, Pa? I did it, eventually!

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Felicity from Down Under said...

that will make your graduation extra special indeed. what a lovely thought.