Tuesday, October 06, 2009


As I said, I'm not going to start tweeting onto Pseudosupermum. Too much hassle. However, a nice man from Virgin (mobile phone) talked me through setting up my mobile to Tweet directly onto my professional blog. You know what the problem was? (Apart from it being not in the slightest bit intuitive, so I'd never have guessed it could be done from the mobile end rather than the internet on my computer.) Virgin Mobile didn't know I was over 18.

I did, at that point, advise him that my eldest son was now 16, so I thought I was probably somewhat over 18 myself! But they had to do the phone equivalent of a credit check to establish that I was an adult homeowner!

I'm not at all sure I shall be tweeting onto my library blog on a regular basis - it all seems such a fiddly operation - but at least, if I am away from the office, I can now get postings onto the blog if I need to. One small step for a librarian - one giant step for ...

... no. I've got that wrong somewhere. But it could be useful, I suppose.

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