Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Well, there's a strange thing. While Pseudo Supermum was busy being a full-time working librarian (not to mention church organist) wife and mother, calmly getting her PhD thesis written, preparing for the viva, doing the corrections, all in her 'spare time', ...
... she could have been financing her studies more interestingly, by emulating Belle de Jour!

Suddenly Pseudo Supermum feels strangely old-fashioned, conventional, positively boring. What a dull and routine life she's led.

Pseudo Supermum's mother didn't know she was doing a doctorate at all.

However, the news that her daughter is now a doctor, will have come as less of a shock than the news that La Maman de la Belle de Jour is to receive this week! Read the Times Online article here.

Daughters do have this way of surprising their mothers, don't they?

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