Saturday, November 21, 2009

Who said people with hearing aids are deaf? Naturally, we're not deaf. If we were completely deaf, there'd be no point in hearing aids!

So, we have hearing impairment. In my case, only mild hearing loss. But I tell you, my ears are practically ringing after an hour with Piano Kid (Mark 1) hammering the keys right beside me.

My ears (and nerves) were eventually jangling so badly that I took the blasted hearing aids OUT and put ON headphones, to try to deaden the sound. My headphones let in too much sound, it would appear.

Don't get me wrong - he's very good. But sight-reading, loud, at 11.30 pm at night?

M - E -R - C - Y !!! (Is anyone listening?)


Felicity from Down Under said...

I understand both sides of that equation! It's difficult when you live in small spaces with other people to consider. Hello, you have to learn to deal with the fact that OTHER people DO need to be able to do things without resorting to prophylaxis; and then, if you're the one being deafened, you have to understand that practice is what it's all about and - yeah, there aren't too many winners in that situation. Sorry, though, it's a tough one.

Pseudo-Supermum said...

Yes, but does sight-reading have to entail sight-thumping???? Heading for Grumpy Old Womanhood here.