Thursday, December 03, 2009

Doctor PseudoSupermum graduated from the University of Glasgow yesterday! And now, thanks to modern technology, you can see it happening.

  • First, turn on the sound.
  • Click this link
  • Next, click on Wednesday 2nd December. There's a ceremonial procession of academics first, then a Latin hymn and prayer, and then the graduation itself begins.
  • I'm the 15th person to get a degree, and it's 8 minutes in from the start! We had a great day - very exciting and the weather was obligingly cold but DRY! SuperSpouse and Cello-Kid were in attendance.

Since I only got 2 visitors' tickets, we had fireworks at home when the other two boys got back from school. A wise move - they were completely unperturbed to have missed my Big Day, and watched the relevant minute online this evening!


Felicity from Down Under said...

Drat, no amount of trying on my part could get that link to work, even with the Doc at this end lending a hand! Never mind, we're bound to think of something if we keep trying. Congratulations once again, you're fantastic.

Pseudo-Supermum said...

I don't understand that. Use the link, Winter 2009 Recordings, and select Weds 2nd December. I've accessed it on four different computers, no bother. Do you have Windows Media Player?

(Don't select "live webcast", as that only works when a graduation is taking place. And don't click "buy a DVD"!)