Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jamie Oliver's Christmas magazine had a nice gingerbread house to make. Brilliant, I thought - that will make a change from Asda's Frosty the Snowman recipe. To the left is what his house looked like.

Mine took blooming HOURS! And is all lop-sided. What a waste of an afternoon and evening. It took every bit as long as Frosty the Snowman, and I'm no more satisfied with it than I was with Frosty last year and the year before.

Let me tell you more about my day. I've baked, made soup, done a bit of patchwork for a late Christmas present, done laundry, been to church and played for half a service ... (the band played the other half). Came home, worked on the stupid gingerbread house, and listened whilst civil war raged above me. SuperSpouse had waded in to sort it out, but I don't think a saint could have brought things to a satisfactory resolution.

I haven't got a headache today. That's a plus. However, I have a stiff neck which is so sore it's making me feel nauseous, so I'll have to take painkillers all the same.

Santa doesn't want to come to our house tonight. And I wish I were in bed, and it was 24 hours hence. Bah, humbug! I'll say it again, a bit louder -
Bah, humbug!!!!

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