Sunday, April 25, 2010

So here I am on a dull Sunday afternoon, revelling in the knowledge that I've done my essay-marking. Just six essays, but I'm new to this marking lark, so it felt like quite a big deal to me.

Yesterday was the Musica Scotica conference. I read a paper, which went down surprisingly well.

The paper was actually written several weeks ago, and on Friday night I reduced it to notes so as to prevent myself from reading it verbatim. Then - at 1.10 am! - I read it to SuperSpouse. Calamity. It was too long, but worse still, it was boringly dull. And there was a mistake in one PowerPoint caption, though that was easily remedied. (Good thing SuperSpouse spotted it!)

What was I to do, though? No time to re-write, if I had to sleep before reading the paper a mere 9 hours later. So I stood there with my notes, cheerfully skipping over bits and omitting over-long quotations, and it went just fine. There has to be a lesson there somewhere.

There is a feeling of luxury about a Sunday afternoon with nothing pressing to be done, and comfy slippers on one's feet!

However, I do need to make a casserole for dinner, and ice a birthday cake. So maybe I'll put the kettle on first, then make a start.

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