Sunday, June 13, 2010

Go to church - play for two services, go home.

'Morning, Mum! How was your morning? Gee, thanks for letting me lie in.'

No. Wishful thinking.

Avenging Angel appears, clutching cheap Primark tee-shirt. 'DIDN'T YOU READ THE WASHING INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIS TEE-SHIRT?!!!!!!!'

I looked. Wash at 40 - yes. Don't dry-clean or tumble - No. Medium iron - well, I steam-ironed using a tea-cloth so that the heat wouldn't go directly onto the transfer, as is my custom.

The dinosaur's glasses don't look metallic any more.

Honestly, I never seem to amaze myself. How anyone so well-intentioned can get it so crassly, crashingly, disgustingly wrong most of the time is a miracle to me.

You know, really this blog has become outdated. For 'PseudoSupermum', read 'inadequate domestic, barely worth naming at all'.

Better stop here. I have to make an apple-crumble and iron SuperSpouse's trousers. Heaven help me if either goes wrong.


Felicity from Down Under said...

sounds as if it's time to introduce the males of the outfit to their role in life: like it or do it yourself!

Pseudo-Supermum said...

Went to Primark at lunchtime. Sensed the general atmosphere of hordes of peope busily shopping, and queueing to pay - and left. Didn't buy replacement dinosaur shirt at all.

Felicity from Down Under said...

of course the truly worrying thing about this is that you're ironing T-shirts at all!

Pseudo-Supermum said...

It wasn't for me, or even for the Avenging Angel - it was more so as not to show him up or offend the others on the music course whose mothers Always Iron T-Shirts.

(I still remember collecting him from one very tidy house where all the ironing was beautifully folded or hanging up to air in the kitchen. So yes - there ARE mums who iron routinely. Sad, I agree!)