Monday, June 07, 2010

I didn't paint the wall. There! Don't you admire my self-restraint? More to the point, I discovered that (a) masonry paint was expensive, and (b) I wasn't going to have the time to do it properly if I was going to cook a nice dinner for my alter ego coming across. Doctor Karen no.2 - or should that be no.1, since she got there long before me?!

I've sweet-talked our painter & decorator to buy me some paint using his trade discount, and then I'll cajole dear, lovable, capable SuperSpouse into painting as much of the wall as his knees will reach.

This morning, I couldn't even have a shower until I'd seen the boys off to school. Back upstairs - I n-e-a-r-l-y got as far as the shower when the phone rang. BACK downstairs to answer, UP to fetch documentation that SuperSpouse needed me to look out, DOWN to the phone, UP to fetch my glasses so I could read it, DOWN to do my secretarial wifely duty. And UP to the shower a second time. Dressed in record time, flew out of the house and made it to the subway with barely enough leeway to get to work on time.

I sat on the subway reflecting on all the stuff I had to fit into my lunchbreak and concluded that it was impossible. Owed an hour's TOIL (time off in lieu), I negotiated to take a double lunchbreak to use it up, and made a list of messages. I did it. I even sat outside a cafe and had a cup of tea, though it wasn't peaceful or relaxing in the least.

Sat on the subway this evening reflecting on all the stuff I'd fitted into my lunchbreak, and couldn't believe how much still awaited tomorrow's normal lunch hour. Humph.

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