Monday, June 14, 2010

I've worked my butt off tonight, clearing the kitchen and bathroom of clutter for the painters coming tomorrow. I've packed everything up neatly, washed the kitchen floor, taken down curtains and put them in to wash. I can't think where the night has gone. Meanwhile, SuperSpouse went to do some organ practice at church, but since his return has been embroiled in civic development in ancient Greece, Rome or Egypt - not sure which. I hope at some stage soon (it's nearly midnight) to bring him back to the 21st century for a glass of wine before bed. But that blooming woman keeps sighing that she needs more buildings, or needs worshipping, or whatever ancient Greek/Roman/Egyptian matriarchs most need at 11.45 pm on a Monday night.

Aaaaargh! She can come and do some 21st century home management with me if she wants something to keep her busy.

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