Thursday, July 29, 2010

The future is digital. Pseudo Supermum has a digital SLR at last. And you know something? It doesn't remotely resemble my 35mm SLR. I can see a lot of time spent studying the instruction manual before I take any photos on it!

To date, I've

  • Charged & inserted the battery

  • Inserted the memory card

  • Taken ONE photo to prove to myself that I can

  • Installed the software on my PC and registered ownership online

And that felt like enough 'baby steps' for tonight. Meanwhile, Cello-Kid can't wait to get his hands on it (he hopes!) - but I want to know how it works first.

For now, I need to chase Saxophone-Kid to his newly-assembled cabin bed, urge Viola-Kid to have his supper, and think about a glass of wine before our own bedtime.

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