Saturday, July 31, 2010

So - here I am on holiday. How do I squeeze 2 weeks of relaxation, 2 weeks of domesticity and 2 weeks of scholarly reading/writing into - well, 2 weeks? Can't do without sleep - that wouldn't be very relaxing, and would go against getting the other stuff done. Tricky.

Anyway, this is Day 1.

  1. I took boy to hairdresser
  2. Boys' room put back to rights after the cabin/loft bed building (family effort)
  3. Spouse arranged builder
  4. I arranged roller-blind fitter
  5. I arranged replacement mirror for bathroom cupboard
  6. Jointly started emptying the next bedroom for the 3rd and last cabin/loft bed.

Still a bit to do. Dinner; online shopping order; scholarly reading; trip to get ingredients for tomorrow's dinner (before the online shopping order can be delivered!); more tidying; deal with laundry.

There are those who would have it that I'm a self-obsessed scholar who allows SuperSpouse to do Everything about the house. It's not true!!!!

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