Sunday, October 24, 2010

A lazy weekend ... well, I think it was.  But what do I have to show for it?! 
  • The supermarket run
  • A replacement school tie & more school shirts
  • Maternal wardrobe advisory service
  • Maternal taxi service
  • Maternal catering service
  • Maternal laundry service
  • New library ticket (that was for me)
  • 2 nice clean cars
  • 2 bus-passes ordered & assorted emails
  • One church service;
  • And finally - LOUD fanfare - I've glued up the new bathroom cabinet mirror.
Small wonder it feels like it's been a lazy weekend.  I haven't opened a research book at all.  I think a glass of wine is almost essential, don't you?!

1 comment:

Felicity from Down Under said...

Lazy? I'm faint with exhaustion just reading about it!