Monday, December 27, 2010

I don't much like snow and ice.  Correction, I think I'm snow-phobic as far as driving in it goes.

Nonetheless, I ventured out to Paisley on Christmas Eve.  Dropped off a card and present, got back into the car - and the seatbelt seized.  Not round me, I hasten to add - it wouldn't pull out of its casing at all.  And when I moved the car, something started bleeping.  Then beeping, louder.

Driving without a seatbelt is illegal in the UK, so I phoned the dealer.  Call for breakdown assistance, they said.

I did.  Two hours later, minus 5 Celsius outside and in the car, and the mechanic arrived, only to confirm that - yes, folks, the seatbelt had seized.  Plugged the passenger belt into the driver's seat-belt slot, and despatched me on my way.  Gratefully home, I discovered the dealer's workshop was quite naturally closed by now.  Ah, well.

I got lifts to and from the midnight church service that I had to play for.  And lifts to and from church today.  By this time, I couldn't have driven if I wanted to - the locks had frozen and the car was impregnable.  Great.

But guess what, folks?  It's apparently 3 degrees out there now.  My car door opens again - and maybe some of the ice might melt tomorrow.  Leaving me 'just' with the seatbelt problem.  Roll on Wednesday!

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