Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Men!  What would we do without them?  Superspouse, thinking I could do with some flowers, brought home a beautiful bunch of roses.  Can't remember if they were prompted by a guilty conscience, but it doesn't actually matter, because they still look lovely three weeks later.  I wonder why?  (The first reusable peace offering?  I've put them away for the next time he needs them.  To be fair, they are so realistic that he didn't actually realise they weren't real...)

Meanwhile, Superwhizz Cello-Kid - not known for his tact - just casually pronounced at the dining-table,

"Of course, you're infertile now, aren't you, Mum?"

When I stopped spluttering - and Viola-Kid regained a straight face - I carefully explained that "infertile" generally meant, of childbearing age but unable to bear children. Whereas I had borne THREE of them, though my reproductive years were probably coming to an end. Thankfully!

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Rose Marie said...

I always enjoy your posts ... but this one cracked me up! Not boring at your place, eh?