Sunday, February 13, 2011

On traffic diversions and teenage back-seat drivers
Clyde Tunnel Roadworks

Traffic Scotland link

They started their repair-work on the Clyde Tunnel approaches yesterday, and by today we were in contraflow with cones all over the place. (See the STV news above.)

So there I am, driving along this morning behind a Council Works van. He went left; I was facing an arrow pointing left and another pointing right, and seemingly no indication that I could jink over to the "wrong" side of the road to proceed northwards on a contraflow.

"Go THAT way", proclaims the TBSD, flapping his hand aimlessly about. I remonstrated that drivers needed precise directions like "left", "right" or "straight on", since I was more concerned with driving than with watching his flapping hand. I turned right. "I told you", insisted the TBSD, "to go THAT way. It was perfectly clear. And now I'm going to miss my train."

It was a close shave by the time I'd gone round three sides of a square and driven right past the station. Which I had to do, since there were cars behind me in this blooming contraflow, and I couldn't just stop. 

But he did catch the train, so I am still alive.

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