Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I buy our sons' monthly bus-passes online.  Well, I have done up to now.  Last night I went to the Arriva website - oh.  Different layout.  Not to worry - it'll be easy to navigate.  But although it was easy to navigate, there were no 4-weekly child savers for West Scotland.  Adult, yes.  Student, yes.  Child (the third option up to now), not at all, nowhere.

  1. Today, I phoned Customer Services (0844 800 44 11) - was advised to phone Newcastle.
  2. Phoned Newcastle (0191 520 4000), was advised to phone back to speak to Margaret who was at lunch.
  3. Phoned Newcastle later, spoke to Margaret - not her pigeon.   'You've been put through to the wrong company.'  Eh?!
  4. Was put through to "Glasgow", which turned out to be Johnstone Bus Garage - nothing to do with online ordering.
  5. Phoned Customer Services again.  This time, got Option 8: Scotland.  Their website was going slow, but they tried to phone Head Office and got no reply.
  6. Phoned Head Office myself.  (08700 404 343) They put me through to "Upstairs", but "Upstairs" wasn't answering.
  7. "Downstairs" advised me to phone "Upstairs" again in the morning.

So that's 24 hours and - still no Child Saver 4-weekly passes.  I could understand them dropping a little-used product, but to the best of my knowledge, parents still have children needing to travel by bus - so what's the problem?!

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