Sunday, April 17, 2011

THE LIFESTYLE OVERHAUL goes on.  Yesterday I swam 40 lengths, did 50 mins cardio in the gym and got a mega-migraine for my sins.  Migraine relief did nothing at all for me, but paracetamol reduced it to bearable.  Ho-hum.

Today, therefore, with a choral Palm Sunday extravaganza to pull off at night, I thought I'd better not over-indulge in the exercise stakes, in case I brought another migraine on.  So - well, I washed two cars, cut a six-foot high hedge, weeded just about the entire back "garden", dealt with the laundry, cooked, baked - and of course, did the choral extravaganza.  (The two young trumpeters that Cello Kid found for me, were superb, I might add - they really added a touch of sparkle to the proceedings.)

Do I have a headache?  Mercifully, no.  Shoulders protesting mildly, but that's all.

Oh, just one thing, though.  I'm lucky to be alive - I cut through the hedgecutter cable.  What a good thing I was using the circuit-breaker!

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